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Roof Gardens

Reduce CO2-emission

Derbisedum regulates the humidity and the temperature in your building. By creating a natural, living environment, Derbisedum contributes to the reduction of the CO2-emission. It facilitates and regulates the drainage of rain water.

Enjoy nature in full

The Derbigum system is an extensive roof made of succulents, delivered in precultivated tiles and with a root-proof waterproofing.

It is easy to install and requires a minimum of maintenance. The system is very light (30 kg/m² dry, 65 kg/m² saturated). You can enjoy your green roof immediately after its installation.


Provides Year Round Energy Savings

  • Thermal "Blanket" saves energy in both heating and cooling.
  • As much as 20% to 25% for building lower than 6 stories with more than 75% roof coverage.

Reduces Heat-Island Effect

  • Decreases ambient air temperature to less than 9 degrees above ambient spring through fall temperatures.

Improves Air and Noise Quality

  • Sequesters air-borne particulates and pollutants while absorbing and improving urban noise.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Once established sedums, flowers, grasses, and native plants provide an excellent environment for insects, butterflies and birds on what was once an impervious structure.


  • Creates a beautiful living rooftop environment

 Water Management

  • Retains as much as 70% of the water while detaining 30% and slowing the rate of water runoff significantly.
  • Bio and phyto-remediates the pollutants found on typical roof structures.
  • Buffers the pH while improving the temperature of water.

Roof Gardens

Derbigum SP AR
The Anti-Root APP-Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane