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Ecology Sustainable Building

Our active commitment for sustainable development gives you the guarantee of a higher quality and a longer durability of our products, a decrease of waste, thus a real long-term economization.

100 % of the energy for production comes from renewable resource
We reuse all the waste produced
We demand a LCA from our all supplies
Optimal size used in packaging and most sustainable way of delivery

The recognitions and awards are a proof to us that we are doing better than the Kyoto norms! Since 2000, our production unit is constantly looking for better ways to save energy. Upon today, we have been able to save 14% energy due to this initiatives.

The lifecycle of a product has an important role if you consider the environmental impact. It’s logical that the sooner you have to replace a product, you’ll produce more waste and you’ll have to produce more. That’s why it is important to choose precious materials of the highest quality that are perfectly compatible.

We are very specific in the choice of our suppliers and we are careful to minimize the packaging. We will choose certain packaging above others.

Also, in terms of recycling, Derbigum is a real pioneer.

At Derbigum, we are convinced that the respect for the environment is a part of a general policy that contains different criteria.