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Green Building Certification

From LEED to Green Globes to local legislation, the trend is to establish guidelines that influence the impact of roofing systems on the environment and energy efficiency.

Depending on the guidelines established or the desires of the owner, DERBIGUM offers a variety of options to meet the goal.

RECOVERABILITY - Our membranes offer the option of a direct recover rather than a complete tear-off. Our Recover Program eliminates the cost of new insulation and man hours which will lower the Life Cycle Costs of the system. With this program it is possible to have up to 60-years of guaranteed waterproofing. No tear-off also means eliminating the waste sent to the overburdeoned landfills.

EPA - DERBIGUM offers DERBIBOND, a VOC free and low-odor adhesive for the application of our systems. This allows for the building to be occupied and an EPA compliant process.

DERBIBRITE - For high reflectivity and high emissivity our proprietary white surfacing process is the best in the business. Our product has demonstrated the ability to reduce the internal temperature of a building, adding to the comfort for personnel and lowering energy costs. This Passive Cooling system has the added benefit of being pH neutral for water recycling.

RECYCLING - DERBIGUM has a proprietary process to recycle modified bitumen material and re-introduce it back into our membranes giving us a sustainable product with recycled content.

ADDITIONAL OFFERINGS - Our systems demonstrate beneficial advantages to the efficiency of the Garden Roof's waterproofing, photovoltaic systems (DERBISOLAR) and HVAC external draw units (DERBIBRITE).