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All the Guarantees

A 45 year commitment

Our roof coverings are built to last for more than 45 years. Independent institutes have tested the durability and resistance of DERRBIGUM roof coverings 10, 20 and 30 years after their initial installation. They all unanimously confirmed the continued performance of DERBIGUM more than 45 years after installation.

Ultra thick, ultra resistant

The DERBIGUM technology is concentrated into 4 mm. DERBIGUM is 4 times thicker than most of its competitors, so it lasts longer. With a durable protection against severe weather, hail and footprints, Derbigum provides the necessary solidity to support architectural projects such as gardens, terraces, solar panel installations,…

Cost of maintenance reduces to a minimum

With its superior quality, DERBIGUM roofs do not require the additional protection of slate granules or gravel. This means much stronger overlaps and no slate granules in your gutter. Less work for you. More security. A simple maintenance and annual cleaning will ensure you more than 30 years peace of mind.

Total safety

All of our products are fire resistant and are tested internally and independent institutes. They meet the European Standards. If it comes to the safety of your building of your family, we do not compromise.

An all purpose product

DERBIGUM is ideal for use on terraces, sloped roofs, roof gardens, foundations or parking ramps. One quality: the best. DERBGUM can be used for all purposes.

Our commitment to quality

  • Certified fire-resistant in countries of operation
  • CE label
  • ISO 9001 quality certification
  • ISO 14001