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Reflective membrane

Energy Savings ... and Much More

DERBIBRITE isn't just another white roofing membrane boasting an initial reflectivity of 0.81, emissivity of 0.81 and SRI (Solar Reflective Index) of 100 to promote energy efficiency.

DERBIBRITE is recognized by Title 24, Energy Star, the Cool Roof Ratings Council, the USGBC LEED program and CHPS as a viable solution to decrease your energy costs by lowering the internal temperature of your building by reflecting the suns rays, but isn't there more? At DERBIGUM we believe the answer is yes and designed our cool roof membrane to offer additional benefits to the owner and environment.

What makes DERBIBRITE's white appearance so unique to the modified bitumen industry?  We didn't just cover some granules with paint or cover a bare surface with paint chips. The proprietary acrylic surfacing is introduced during production and becomes an integral part of the membrane. This adds an additional layer of protection to our already proven 30+ year multi-ply system.

Additional Benefits

Grease Resistance - Our DERBIBRITE surfacing has been field tested for 10+ years in the restaurant industry. The surfacing was originally chosen by the restaurant industry because it was grease resistant, and easy to clean. Since this initial use, DERBIBRITE has demonstrated a resistance to jet fuel, diesel and high foot traffic making it attractive to airports, schools, hospitals and hotels.

Fungus Resistance - Studies have shown that a high performance white roofing system assists the efficiency of external draw HVAC units by cooling the temperature on the rooftop. DERBIBRITE has an added value of being fungus and mold resistant. If a rooftop unit is processing external air, wouldn't it make sense to decrease the possible introduction of mold spores?

Heat Island: the reflectivity and emissivity values of Derbibrite assist in the reduction to the urban heat island effect.

Reflective membrane

Derbibrite NT
The white reflective bituminous waterproofing membrane