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Recycled membrane

DERBIGUM has a proprietary process to recycle modified bitumen material and re-introduce it back into our membranes giving us a sustainable product with recycled content.

This range known as Derbigum NT allows the building owner to opt for sustainability and with the best in class APP bituminous membranes.

The unique and patented system treats and recycles old bituminous roofing materials into new resources that are used for the production of environmental friendly roofing membranes. Today, more than a quarter of the resources is recycled bitumen, this is almost 4000 ton per year. In 2014, the goal of DERBIGUM is to recycle 10,000 ton per year.

Derbigum is very active in the fight against greenhouse gases and minimizing consumption of non-renewable resources. By analyzing all processes, from the very first step in the production to the end of the lifecycle, considerable savings can be made, not only in terms of money but also in terms of ecological impact.

Buildings are made smarter and the impact on the environment is lower.

Recycled membrane

Derbigum NT
The bituminous waterproofing membrane in line with the circular economy
Derbicoat NT
The bituminous base sheet in line with the circular economy