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For Approved Contractors

To guarantee our clients a perfect service, we have an extended network of professional roofing specialists.

More than 4000 roofing specialist use Derbigum on a daily base. Every day, they choose for quality and sustainability. They know they work with the most reliable product that already proved itself. They know they can count on Derbigum for the future.

A clear commitment:

  • To respect the planning
  • To inform themselves permanently about the evolutions of the project
  • To respect the safety prescriptions: with the possibility to use cold application techniques
  • To keep your roof clean and waterproof after but also during the job
  • To respect the environmental prescriptions

Participation in experience

We choose our partners carefully, based upon their professionalism, credibility and of course their experience. They share our values, based on thorough work, respect for the client and the search for solutions in favor of the environment.

We offer our partners an extensive training in DERBIGUM application techniques and we are careful about the work they deliver is done according to valid prescriptions. Furthermore, they benefit from our technical assistance – before, during and after the job and the know how of an international group.

Our quality commitment

  • 10-year full warranty
  • Warranty covered by an OMNIUM
  • Training Center
  • Quick technical assistance on the site in progress