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IMPERBEL has over 90 years of roofing experience. The story begins in 1932 with the creation of the company, a family business producing waterproofing mastic, located in Lot, south of Brussels, Belgium.

Activity accelerated in the 50s and 60s with new products such as cold adhesives, and through international expansion. The 70s saw the use of an innovative new membrane from Italy : DERBIGUM. Contractors’ services were also launched at that time. In 1978 DERBIGUM production began in Perwez, Belgium.

The year 2005 saw a general restructuring in the European market strengthening the group’s core activities and international development. In 2006, services were centralized at the group’s world headquarters in Lot, the starting point of the DERBIGUM story.

DERBIGUM has 2 sites in Belgium (Lot and Perwez). DERBIGUM employs worldwide 350 persons produces 15 million m² membranes and 3,5 million kg liquids annually. The company is active worldwide and more than 600 million m² roofs in the world are covered with our products in all climate zones.