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Part of our DNA

Derbigum did not wait for Kyoto.

For more than 20 years now, Derbigum has been intensively engaged in the research and development of new and sustainable products. As of today, the company continues to seek alternative compositions for its products, using raw materials that lead to lower CO2 emissions. Global warming and the CO2 problem are currently at their peak. In response, Derbigum is proud to present a range of sustainable products. A world first, Derbigum now launches a liquid product range that is free of solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Recycling without any loss of quality

Since 1999 Derbigum has recycled some 4,000 ton of bitumen per year. Bitumen suffers no loss in quality – you can compare it to gold which is melted down and recast – and is thus perfectly suited for the production of new membranes. Derbigum strives to realize a 100% utilization of recycled and organic materials during production. This combination ensures that the final product is, in turn, completely recyclable.

90 years durability

Derbigum roofs retire at 90

Whereas other roof coverings need replacing after just 15 years, Derbigum membranes are still going strong after 45 years. The application of a new layer will even increase the lifespan to as much as 90 years! This has been demonstrated by independent studies. After this long lifecycle, the old roof coverings can again be processed into first quality roofing membranes.