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Tools for increased productivity

DERBIGUM is continuously developing new tools and work methods to increase the productivity on the building site, to improve the quality, to enhance the comfort for the employee and to develop new markets.

For small and large surfaces, for roofs and art projects. DERBIGUM designs tools to help your employees at work and to make your company more professional.

Spray Gun:

Thanks to this new application technique for DERBIGUM, you can increase the productivity on the building site. The application of DERBIGUM with cold bonding is effective and increases the productivity with 15 to 27%.

Cold adhesive application pumps: to apply insulation and to seal joints. With the easy, efficient DERBIGUM-pumps, you can work cleaner and more ergonomic.

Mac-Max /Mini-Max/ Easy Max:

Mac-Max, Mini-Max and Easy Max are automatic application tools for medium or large surfaces (roofs, parking decks, bridges, etc.) This gives a quick DERBIGUM sealing with a perfect consistence and adhesiveness and are applied by small teams. Thanks to the Mac-Max, you can apply rolls of 150 m. This decreases the number of cross joints. And less joints mean more safety.