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Vegetal Reflective membrane

Derbipure is a bitumen free waterproofing membrane made from vegetal oils and resins and has a white acrylic coated reflective surface.

It is the first truly eco-responsible roofing membrane in the world composed of vegetal oil and resins designed to the same longevity and quality standards as traditional modified bitumen membranes. 

In the present industry of oil based waterproofing, the use of bitumen is very well known. This is the first roofing membrane in the world that is based on oil from renewable components and not on fossil fuel.

The original feature of the Derbipure waterproofing membrane is that it has the same properties as a bituminous waterproofing membrane, but contains a renewable alternative for bitumen, developed from resins and vegetal oils extracted from the waste timber industry.

In addition to this ecological feature, the superior white acrylic impregnation on the surface of the membrane has an SRI (Solar Reflective Index) of 100, which reduces the roof surface temperature to 45 degrees in peak middle-east summer resulting in an optimal passive cooling for the building.

The passive cooling effect of the white roof covering allows energy savings through reduced energy consumption, while reducing CO2 production during its entire life span.  

Recognized and awarded the Cradle to Cradle® certification by the EPEA (Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency), DERBIPURE writes history for pioneering a pure modified membrane without using bitumen.

The DERBIPURE technology is patented and will allow DERBIGUM to develop more ecological alternatives to bituminous.

Vegetal Reflective membrane

World's first vegetal roofing membrane